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The rise of the discourse advocating greater diversity in the film seems to be bearing fruit. The number of films featuring women has reached a new peak last year, according to a study.

Emily Blunt in
Without a sound.

The new report of the Annenber Inclusion Initiative, a task force to study the diversity in the entertainment industry, reveals that among 100 feature films, the most lucrative of 2018, 40 were articulated around the female characters. This is an increase of 8 films compared to 2017, and 20 movies compared to 2007.

Among the titles recorded include A Quiet Place (Without a sound) with Emily Blunt, A Star is Born (A star is born) with Lady Gaga and Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis.

Jamie Lee Curtis
in Halloween.

More importantly, this analysis reveals that 11 feature films, featuring a “woman of color” or “belonging to an ethnic group under-represented” are landed in the dining room, almost three times more than in 2017.

Room for improvement

Although Hollywood is more inclusive than before, things are far from perfect. The percentage of first roles for women may have increased, it lags behind many of the proportions of the keys. The population of Canada and of the United States is composed of 51 % women. Women also represent 50 % of the public who buys movie tickets.

Sandra Bullock
in Debbie Ocean 8.

The trade magazine Variety also recalls that in recent years, Hollywood has often been accused of discriminating on the age of the women, especially the actresses, who struggle to find roles of importance after the age of 45. However, 11 of the 100 most popular movies of 2018 were led by women 45 years and older, a group that includes Debbie Ocean 8, with Sandra Bullock. Once again, we note a clear improvement, since, in 2018, there were only five.

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