Moscow Deparature and FANO of Russia held in the capital practical conference “Science for life”

Deparature capital and FANO Russia organized practical conference “Science for life”, held in Moscow from 4 to 5 April. The event is an open format in the second ianh took them. N. With. Kurnakov of RAS. This was told by the Agency “National interests”.

During the opening conference the first Deputy head of the FANO Russia Alexey Medvedev stated that it was important to implement the ideology of scientific knowledge of the world. This will help to train scientific staff, giving students a critical and synthesis thinking.

Speaking to an audience, the head of the Metropolitan Deparature Mr Kalina recalled that in the main city of our country was opened medical, engineering, military and academic classes. The guys who will engage in such activities would be guaranteed to employed and samorealizatsii.

During the two day conference was attended by over a thousand students and teachers of Moscow. Presented dozens of projects, works and researches. More than forty students received certificates and prizes as the winners.