Moscow priests to pray for Pochaiv “king-father” Putin and called occupiers in western Ukraine

P1The priests of Pochaiv laurels pray for Putin and his call to send troops to the western Ukraine. This “By Zbruch” said resident Pochayev.
Pochayiv Lavra “On behalf of the community Pochayev and probably all over the area and Ukraine writing to you to report the atrocities and separatism clergy UOC Pochayiv Lavra.
The heart bleeds, looking and listening as plyundruyut our history, language and national idea priests of the Moscow Patriarchate, at the time when the best sons of Ukraine-mother defend our independence in eastern Ukraine in the battles of Moscow-occupiers invaders.
Recently, residents of many villages in our region have opened their eyes to the true face of the UOC-MP, and therefore they are under the mantle of the UOC-KP. People just listen ostohydilo prayer for priests Moscow Putin accusations Ukrainian army and government, permanent distortion of facts and events like the Moscow propaganda Kisyelova.
But not everywhere see such positive changes. Like a veil on the eyes send down people Pochayiv Monastery monks. They, unlike their colleagues in “n as” openly declare their anti-Ukrainian position. Ba more: they call the Russians come and the western Ukraine, convince people feasibility of establishment of the monarchy “priest-king” on its head (not Putlera they mean?).

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