Mosiychuk about patriotism From a Kremlin pan ran to the European

Мосийчук о патриотизме: От кремлевского пана побежали к европейскому

People’s Deputy of Ukraine from the RPL Igor Mosiychuk believes that in the political patriotism of Ukraine, little has changed and “instead of Moscow began to sell the country to the capitals”. About this Mosiychuk was admitted said in a talk show “Pulse” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” during the discussion of the Euro-Atlantic course of Ukraine.

“What we’re going to the EU? Poor? A raw materials appendage? Or equal partners? The main problem of the country, and she was raised is the lack of patriotism and nationalism among the public. When “the Kremlin pan”, who kissed the boots and hands, ran to the “pan European” and instead of Moscow began to sell the country on the capitals, nothing has changed. We are losing the country. What about the nationalism or patriotism of the government can now say, when 10 million Ukrainians out of Ukraine?” – said Mosiychuk.

In addition, Mosiychuk called bill No. 9037 Petro Poroshenko on the Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Ukraine PR move.

“We are now discussing the PR stunt of the presidential candidate Petro Poroshenko. Because when he formed a coalition after the election of Parliament at night, signed the coalition agreement, the President and the BPP was strongly against entering into a coalition agreement the issue of NATO. Now what is really going on and what is our position? It is clear that this election technology Peter. But the question of civilizational choice, and that offers to record. Well, the Ukrainians want to hypothetically ever to fly to explore Mars? I think a lot of people want. But it is unlikely it will happen tomorrow. Also the EU. NATO easier. But the EU exactly – nobody called, and call he does not want”, – said Mosiychuk.

As reported, the draft law Poroshenko was registered in the Parliament on Monday, September 3. The text is published on the Council website.

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