MotoGP champion Marc Marquez presented the new BMW M4 CS

Marc Marquez, the current MotoGP champion, got another set of keys to the new BMW M4 CS. Racer again became the winner of the BMW M Award. For the fifth year in a row.


BMW parted with the above award annually. The award was established in 2003. New car goes to the rider who is better than their rivals will perform in the qualifications of the Premier class. The last five years, there is no equal Mark Marquez.

This time the pilot went to the BMW M4 CS, which was released in a limited edition. In all there were three instances. Earlier, the Spaniard went to the other representatives of the German company M6 Coupe, M4 Coupe, M6 Convertible and Coupe M2.

In the final race of the season Marquez has managed to make 73 pole position of his career and 45 in the Premier class. As a result, the pilot became a four-time world champion. As for the BMW M4 CS, the “charged” model was introduced in the spring of this year. The model is equipped with a motor of 3.0 liters with output of 460 horses. The price tag of the auto is 116 thousand euros.