Mount Royal offered to athletes for a few hours

Mario Beauregard / The Metro
Cyclists were able to attempt the ascent of the Mont-Royal without the presence of cars.

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Around 500 people stormed the mont-Royal, on Sunday morning, during a cyclovia held on the slopes of the voie Camillien-Houde.

This concept was born in Bogota, Colombia, is to close for a few hours, a major thoroughfare of the city centre to car traffic to leave the field open to pedestrians and cyclists.

6 at 10am, walkers, runners and cyclists were able to compete freely in the famous côte Camillien-Houde from the Mont-Royal avenue up to the entrance of the cemetery of the same name.

“Above all, it is a way to allow people to evolve in a safe environment on and off intelligently the mountain, has detailed the organiser of the day, Marc-Antoine Desjardins. It is also a way to offer a break, without cars or pollution, and to allow citizens to reclaim the public space.”

The event of yesterday has taken a particular color because of the recent deaths of two cyclists in collisions with motor vehicles, in the borough of Rosemont–La Petite Patrie and Mont-Tremblant.

“It is fragile on two wheels, we will never win against two tons of steel, was shown to Mr. Desjardins, who is also a lawyer for road accident victims. The cyclovias are inscribed in a perspective of coexistence between the users and share the road.”

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This type of events for a quiet place to Montreal. The City adopted last year a budget of$ 70,000 to allow for the conduct of cyclovias on its territory.

Four similar events will be held this year in the borough of South-West, in a format that is fun and family friendly, and the other three on the slopes of mount Royal for athletes of all kinds.

The last cyclovia of the year on the voie Camillien-Houde will be held on 17 September, but organizers are hoping to return in 2018 with a larger number of events.

“We don’t have a specific number in mind, but our objective is certainly to offer more than three, confessed to Mr. Desjardins. My ultimate dream would be to organize all of the Sundays, but I prefer that it is progressing slowly but surely in order to validate and anchor the event.”