MP Berezkin has called the case politically engaged of the Bank loan.

The case of the outstanding loan “Oschadbank” has a political connotation and is associated with the beginning of the race. This opinion was expressed by MP Stanislav Berezkin after the attorney General submitted to the Verkhovna Rada representation about consent on attraction of the Deputy to criminal responsibility, according to the portal “Ukrainian news”.

“In my opinion, it is not devoid of political overtones. I admit that the presentation of it in an election year accusations in my address as part of the case, which is already two and a half years, it is no coincidence,” commented Berezkin.

The MP insisted on the groundlessness of the charges, and the case itself considers an attempt to translate in a legal plane, the relationship between two commercial entities. “Bank at the moment, active work is underway to recover the debt on the loan, and reasons to argue about the damages caused to the Bank is not” – said the MP Berezkin.

Information the hype surrounding the case, according to the Deputy, created by the efforts of anti-corruption agencies. “It is well known how aggressively working to NAB in the information field to justify the enormous budget the funding to this body, and such examples have weight,” – said the Deputy.

While Berezkin said he intends to fully cooperate in the consideration of this question in Parliament and “is ready to promptly provide the colleagues-deputies of reliable and comprehensive information on the situation for them to make an informed decision”.

November 7, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko has submitted to the Verkhovna Rada representation about consent on bringing to criminal responsibility, detention and remand in respect of a Deputy group “Will” of the people by Stanislav Berezkin.

Earlier, the press service of “Sberbank” reported that the National anti-corruption Bureau is investigating the case of outstanding loan in the amount of $ 20 million, brought by group of companies “Creative”, beneficiary of which 2016 were Stanislav Berezkin.

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