MPs Mosiychuk and the shahs fought to live one of Ukrainian TV channels (video)

Нардепы Мосийчук и Шахов подрались в прямом эфире одного из украинских телеканалов (видео)

MPs Ihor Mosiychuk was admitted (Radical party) and Sergey Shakhov (“Our land”) came to blows in live TV channel “Direct”.

The reason for the scandal was the expression Yadav about “gay pride parade”, which was addressed to in the direction of the Chairman.

“I want to appeal to the esteemed to his friend and colleague Sergei Shakhov, You do not use words that You don’t ought to use, and don’t be polybaraminic. It is impossible to be in opposition only to the government and to submit to AP. You look very funny…You sometimes do not speak here on the topic,” – said Mosiychuk.

What Shah said the people’s Deputy: “gay parade don’t go, please, and be a man.”

After that, MP from the Radical party has asked Yadav to apologise and called it “a market woman”. In this Mosiychuk was admitted said that never been to a “gay parade”.

Checks in turn, called Mosiychuk “a sick person”, and Radikal said that the shahs were “obnalichka” the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

After that, shahs pushed Mosiychuk, he fell to the floor. Lifting, he started beating Yadav cane.

Subsequently, the brawl of deputies has continued, however, in the Elevator of the office of the TV channel.

After the broadcast Shahi said that Mosiychuk he was provoked and offended “miners and thousands of people who work hard”.

In turn, he said that “he was taught to fight back when you attack.”

Recall that a few days ago Igor Mosiychuk after the broadcast on one of the Ukrainian TV channels began rapidly to sort things out with the MP from the PPO Sergey Leshchenko.

The conflict occurred against the background of the conversation about the orientation of the leader of the Radical party, Oleg Lyashko. Mosiychuk during the broadcast rebuked Leshchenko in attending the equality March.

“This is for you to develop the theme of the gay parade, because your leader is an active participant in this movement,” – said the MP from the PPO.

After that, the opponents began to push, and he hit a woman with his cane.

It should be noted that against Sergei Shakhov in 2012 for speaking out against the “Party of regions” the power was fabricated criminal cases against him and he was wanted.

25 Oct 2015 local elections took place in Severodonetsk city Council from party “Our land”, however, on 18 November Severodonetsk city electoral Commission of the Lugansk region took the decision on deprivation of parliamentary mandate of Serhiy Shakhov.

17 July 2016 mid-term elections to the Verkhovna Rada was elected a people’s Deputy. Passed a candidate in single-mandate constituency № 114 (Luhansk region).

August 1, 2016, the Central election Commission registered Serhiy Shakhov an MP.

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