MPs plan to appoint snap elections for October

Verkhovna Rada
Verkhovna Rada

In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine MPs seen as a possible date for early elections of People’s Deputies 5, 12, 19 or October 26, 2014. This was during a press conference August 13, said the head of the parliamentary faction BLOW Vitaliy Kovalchuk.
“Date of elections depends on two conditions: on when Poroshenko (President of Ukraine – Ed.) Exercise the right of preterm parliamentary elections. Another condition – will not be amended to reduce the time of the election campaign,” – said Kovalchuk.
According to the MP, Parliament considered a few dates – and they all fall on kotrus on Sundays in October.
“We understand that there is a mood to hold early elections by the end of October this year,” – he said.
Earlier reports on the position of the President in respect of these elections.

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