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There is no doubt, Réal Giguère scored the télé québec. The reactions and the testimonies are unanimous in the wake of his death.

Réal Giguère and Dominique Michel
were two great friends.


The one that has long been called “Mr. Channel 10” has passed away at the age of 85 after complications with lung, early Monday evening, the hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, in Montreal.

“Perfect “, ” warm “, ” happy “, “funny die” : the Dominique Michel, Michèle Richard, Danielle Ouimet, and many others have paid tribute to felt to their comrade disappeared, and missing not specify at what point the pillar of Télé-Métropole could be discreet and secret.

Then in substantial competition with
Call me Lise, he had the audacity to invite Lise Payette on his own show.

Unanimous, they have welcomed and recognized the stature of this man, one of the pioneers of tv in quebec. All have highlighted his great professionalism.

“It was a perfect man, launched without detour Dominique Michel, attached as Florida. When we say that Réal Giguère was perfect, that was it. He was always very elegant, very clean, very prepared. It was very, very, very, very rigorous. “

It was the main heading of the film
Cain – The walkers of the night, in 1965. He poses here with Ginette Letondal.

Michèle Richard, who has worked with Réal Giguère on several television shows and starred in the tv series The Golden time, written by him, abounded in the same sense.

“It was a man, very elegant in the attitude, the heart. Mr. Giguère was a great lord, ” she said.

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Bruni Surin was one of his many guests.

For her part, Danielle Ouimet has been co-host of Réal Giguère on several occasions. In addition, it has been part of the distribution of The Gold in time.

Here with the unionist Gérald Larose and singer Lara Fabian.

“I want to tell at what point it was funny, insisted the presenter, and actress. You got to know him a little bit harsh, but it was a tongue-in-cheek extraordinary. “

He was also at the helm of Jeopardy !

Until his last breath, Réal Giguère will have been very protective of her privacy. “He didn’t put his trust easily, and there’s nothing to know about his family, about his children,” said Danielle Ouimet.

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What they said

“This is the actor the most professional that I have worked with in my life. It was a very good actor and it’s a pity that he has not played it. I’ve learned a lot from playing alongside her in La Cage aux folles. It was a rigor, and generosity are incredible. “

– Normand Brathwaite

“He insisted that I play the role of Jackie Levy in Gold of the time. I didn’t want to play this character that was very far removed from that of Marisol. He told me that I was capable of and that I was a good actress. He believed in me. I accepted and I did well, because I loved playing this character. “

– Christine Lamer

“My first time on television, as professional, has been in a show that he hosted. He invited many young people who were beginning their careers. He was very serious and rigorous incredible. He was always on time and prepared. It was a human right, and that was very tongue-in-cheek and a buffoon in the scenes. “

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– Shirley Théroux

“I was often a guest in their talk shows, at the time of The Small Homeland and Dominique, and I very much appreciated his qualities as an interviewer. It was one of the best I’ve had the opportunity to work with. He was the one who put in the best value to its guests. He knew his records and we felt very confident with him. “

– Vincent Bilodeau

“It has affected all sectors. He was host, comedian, actor and singer. He had to have some talent to do that. The Cynics mocked him, saying that he was perfect, but there was a background of truth behind it. “

– Pierre Marcotte