How much is New Year in Ternopil?

225-700x357White Bear and the Goat, medieval knights, circus and show ballets, metropolitan and local performers humor, dark-skinned singers, bands and DJs or even modest – only Santa Claus and Snow Maiden – entertain ternopolyan New Year’s Eve

Most entertainment Ternopil still have room to reserve and New Year celebrations, and corporate conduct.
How do I find our correspondents, entertainment can be selected for every budget. We called in 45 schools of the city with large rooms, in the same table of 36. As it turned out, some restaurants place on all days already occupied, some institutions do not work on New Year’s Eve not hold corporate events. Some institutions have given incorrect telephone numbers or these numbers are not answered, so the overall table, these institutions are not included.
Some restaurants say that a certain amount of orders for corporate guest. And on average, to reserve a table for pre-Christmas celebration, you need to put 150 to 300 USD. But on New Year’s Eve – 250-600 USD. But mostly it is 350-400 USD.
Concerning shows, it still restaurants where the participants show still undecided. And some schools do not acceptable to show if there is a certain amount of public. There are those who already know who entertain guests. But not all tell exactly who. Like, let it be a surprise.

Tournament of knights and diode shows
Compulsory New Year holiday guests in bars and restaurants will be Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. But raisins celebration – a performance of show-ballet, singers, circus performers and presenters, comedians.
For example, the “Galician castle” will knights fighting and elect a prom queen. So ternopolyankam should be particularly careful to choose the outfit for a holiday and well dressed. In “Tropic” dark-skinned performers sing and entertain guests show ballets. The “Broadway” (former lounge cafe “Mint”) are among the entertainment performances with snakes and fire show.
The “drunken happiness” guests entertained two presenters, magician, star of the “Country In” “Volodko” – Taras Stadnitsky and group “F major,” said school administrator Andriy Tkachuk. In addition, the diode will show and dance with snakes.
– In the New Year corporate parties and shows to coincide program will differ only Groups – Andriy Tkachuk. – Corporate we are 19, 20, 21, and then – from December 26-30. Every day we have a different local band.
Many institutions, given the situation in the country, decided to make the celebration more modest, limited only by Santa Claus and Snow Maiden with contests and dances. However, in some bars, restaurants owners decided to follow tradition and vyklastysya New Year in full.
– We always invest heavily in new year celebrations – said the owner of the restaurant “Oscar” Natalya Stanko. – This year we are honored artist of Ukraine Astraya, ballet soloists-revue “Remix” actor from Kiev Circus. Serbian-Ukrainian band “fanfare” can join the New Year, and he may be in the holidays. During the evening Astraya sing twice. By the way, it will work in the New Year’s Eve, and corporate events. In addition, we have our own team, and its leading violinist and Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. So the program is quite intense.
Regarding payment for entertainment, usually they are included in the cost of the order on the person, but in some places the show will separately pay 30-50 USD.
– The cost of the entertainment program – about 50 USD. This amount depends on the number of people in the company – says administrator “Alligator” Christina Shcherbina-. – For example, the company of 25 people the price is a bit higher, and for 50 – lower. The entertainment program – performance Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, DJ, various competitions, gifts and more. On New Year’s Eve will run from 23.00 until the last customer.
Mostly Ukrainian cuisine
Many institutions have produced many culinary surprises at all their secrets out there not disclosed. And even offered several options menu.
The restaurant complex “Alligator” on New Year corporate menu has three options, according to the value (see. To the table – approx. Ed.). This amount includes alcohol. In addition we will have entertainment. To celebrate the New Year in the restaurant also prepared two options menu. Price is the same. On the table served not only fruits and snacks will be a full menu of hot and cold dishes, desserts, and alcohol, said administrator “Alligator” Christina Shcherbina-.
– We are meat medallions with grilled vegetables, steak salmon in dill sauce, salad of veal with Italian dressing, and many other dishes – says chef restaurant complex “Gentleman” Maria Barylko.
The bar “Oles”, working holiday menu, inspired by products from own farming. As the owner of the establishment Basil Prytula, cooked meat indokachky baked in foil and silver carp fillets, and many other goodies. In “Galician castle,” says administrator institution Natalie Crane, New Year menu will highlight meat sauce, teriyaki, and the corporate – fish, grilled. In “Ternozavri” Visitors enjoy a variety of sausages, two kinds of barbecue, chicken with fruit jelly, fish and vegetables, said school administrator Lily Solodska. In “Maxim” is not all new products reveal just said that in December introduced a new menu, so their guests enjoy a new dishes with meat, fish and poultry. A “chocolate” menu will raisin Hungarian paprikash, leg in dough, baked grouper, and for dessert – cake with ice cream, said school administrator Natalia Gorska.
– Among the highlights of our menu rabbit in sour cream – said the owner of the restaurant “Oscar” Natalya Stanko. – We have a tongue in Japanese sauce – this is a masterpiece. Grilled vegetables in our institution specific. Cheese platter consists of four types of expensive cheese, cheese sticks, caramelized nuts and grapes. Assorted we present sauce, prepared from wine. The fish platter – white, red, smoked fish, prawn five. Every dish is original, under special spicy sauce that we do not buy, and prepare yourself.
In the “Forum Hall” approach to the menu – a bit unconventional.
– We have two options menu – says administrator institution Lydia turf. – A traditional Christmas dishes and “Oliver” and “fur coat” but unconventional feed – in the form of rolls.
The menu consists of four hot dishes, three or four kinds of salads. It will run until the third night. Time arrival of guests – their choice.
In the beer club “intoxicating happiness” as many goodies prepared for the New Year celebrations.
– Among the festive dishes – homemade cold cuts, pancakes with salmon kebabs with vegetables, stuffed breast in sun-dried tomatoes and cheese, chicken medallions curry sauce – said Andriy Tkachuk school administrator.

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