Murder Zakharchenko: the OSCE Representatives refused to provide information about the victims in the attack

Убийство Захарченко: Представителям ОБСЕ отказались предоставить информацию про пострадавших в теракте

The OSCE representatives refused to provide information about the victims in the explosion in a cafe “Separable” in Donetsk, during which killed the leader of the so-called “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko. This is stated in the report of the Special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine, for September 3.

“The mission has said reports of persons injured in the explosion. September 3 in the morgue of Donetsk regional clinical hospital named after M. I. Kalinin observers reported that the bodies of Alexander Zakharchenko and another member of the armed forces (member of the personal security wise) was delivered to the morgue with mortal wounds from the explosion,” – said the OSCE.

In turn, the staff of the Institute of urgent and restorative surgery named after V. K. Gusak in Donetsk informed the members of the team SMM, after the explosion on August 31 they received six people with various injuries from the explosion, but medical staff refused to provide any other information about them.

“On the same day, the medical staff of the Donetsk regional clinical hospital named after M. I. Kalinin has refused to provide the team SMM information on persons wounded in the explosion on August 31 without the permission of the leaders of armed formations”, – said the representatives of the mission.

Earlier the correspondent of the publishing house “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Alexander Kots in his Telegram published a photo which shows that the coffin of the leader “DNR” Zakharchenko was discovered in the cemetery during the funeral on 2 September.

As reported by “news of Donbass”, it was done in order to close the terrorist was able to say goodbye to him. The funeral took place at cemetery of the “Donetsk sea”.

As previously reported, the FSB is ready to help in “investigation” of the murder of the leader “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko and sent to the Donbass their employees.

Recall, August 31 in an explosion in a restaurant killed the leader “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko. The so-called “law enforcement” self-proclaimed “DNR” said that the detained “Ukrainian saboteurs”, which is probably involved in the assassination attempt on Zakharchenko. But in this SBU information is not confirmed.

In ORDO the suspect in the murder of a guard Zakharchenko, at the same time, the Russian foreign Ministry accuses the “Kiev regime”. At the same time, the SBU reported that “the death of Zakharchenko can be the result of internal criminal conflicts among the militants, primarily associated with the redistribution of pressed business for 2014-2018”. And the foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that the rapid reaction of the Russian foreign Ministry regarding the murder Zakharchenko is a Russian attempt to cover up the puppets, which it supports.

2 Sep buried Zakharchenko in Donetsk next to the “Givi” and “Motorola”.

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