Musk has planned the first flight of the “Martian” vehicle for 2019

Маск запланировал первый полет "марсианского" корабля на 2019 год

The head of the company SpaceX Elon Musk said that the first test flight of the spacecraft designed for Mars exploration, is scheduled for 2019. As reported by CNBC, the businessman said, speaking at a technology fair in Austin, Texas.

“We are building the first Martian or a space ship, and I think he will be able to make short flights in the first half of next year,” Musk said, acknowledging, however, that the terms which he calls, “sometimes” move.

SpaceX plans to send its first cargo ship to the red planet in 2022. The ultimate goal of the company face on Mars planting seeds to create conditions for the emergence of the human colony. It is expected that reusable rocket system SpaceX BFR will be designed for interplanetary travel, and one flight will cost less than $ 5-6 million.

“I think that when we build it (the ship), we can show that other companies and countries can do the same. Of course, they don’t believe that, but if we do, they will come into play,” added Musk.

Further, according to the head of SpaceX, Mars will build a glass dome, power plants, and to create all conditions for life. After the appearance of the infrastructure on the red planet, according to the Mask, “will begin an entrepreneurial boom because Mars will need everything from foundries and finishing with pizza.”

In early February, the new rocket, the Falcon Heavy of SpaceX successfully launched the space sports car Elon musk. Driving the car sat a mannequin, nicknamed “star man” — in honor of one of the songs of David Bowie. After reaching orbit “passenger” is celebrated, after listening to two songs Bowie — “Space Oddity” and “Life on Mars?”.

Initially the car was supposed to go in multi-month flight to Mars and pass at a small distance from the surface. But after the launch trajectory took the car to the side of the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.