Mutants are very real: Scientists have found a new way of recycling plastic

A group of scientists from the UK claim to have found the only way of salvation from plastic waste, which killed the planet. Experts in the laboratories have created “mutants”, who are able to recycle plastic.

Experienced researchers from Portsmouth University have developed a unique enzyme, which in its kind is a real mutant. According to Professor John Makhijani, for the first time, a unique bacterium, which is able to destroy plastic found in Japan. Through years of research British scientists have managed on the basis of the bacterium to create a mutant enzyme which aimed to destroy the plastic.

Recall that last year, the researchers found 38 million plastic waste on an uninhabited island in the South Pacific ocean. Analysts say that millions of plastic bottles are bought worldwide every minute. According to forecasts, the number of plastic on the planet by 2021 will increase by 20%.