Muzhenko: Navy to increase its presence in the sea of Azov

Муженко: ВМС увеличивают свое присутствие в Азовском море

The Ukrainian Navy will increase its presence in the sea of Azov. About it in interview to “BBC Ukraine” said the head of the armed forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko.

“The presence of the Ukrainian Navy in the sea of Azov it is necessary to increase. We plan not only strengthening its presence in the sea, but the activities for the defense of the coast of the Azov sea. In the sea on their own and means there are guards, but sure to be some build-up of the presence of formations of the Navy,” – said Muzhenko.

Note that in the last three months, the activity of Russia in the Azov sea has increased significantly. The Russians do not allow trading ships to the Ukrainian ports and out of them easily pass through the Kerch Strait.

In addition, on 15 July in the sea of Azov, Russia detained for a review of 148 vessels. In this regard, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed Minister of defense, the chief of the General staff and the Navy command of Ukraine to take measures to stop Russian provocations against blocking entry of ships in Ukrainian ports on the Azov sea.

Ukraine has also advocated the imposition of sanctions against the black sea ports of Russia due to the blockade of the sea of Azov.

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