Muzhenko: next year financing of the army should be at least 112 billion UAH

Муженко: В следующем году финансирование армии должно составить не менее 112 млрд грн

The chief of staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko said that, in 2019, the year the needs of the army need funding of at least 112 billion. About this Murzenko said in an interview with BBC Ukraine.

“We felt that it should be worth approximately 112 billion. This is the minimum requirement for the army. And we still lead indicators 82 billion UAH. And this is clearly not enough to keep APU in combat readiness, I’m not talking about building capacity, ” – said Muzhenko.

He added that now there is an outflow of military personnel, including from-for material problems, which could have serious consequences for the combat readiness of the armed forces.

“Our research shows that the basic money supply for the military should be 15 thousand UAH. We now have 7 thousand, this figure should increase at least twice. Then it will be a decent level of material compensation for all the inconvenience and tension which they experience,” – said the chief of staff.

However, he assured that the front but this situation is not affected, as there are cash payouts are much larger.

Recall that in 2018 the needs of the army allocated to 83.3 billion UAH instead of 141,2 billion, which the military leadership asked for originally. At the same time, in 2018, the army received 14.5 billion, or 20.7 percent more than in 2017. It was reported that this money will be able to increase the money supply to the troops and to reform. Read more on military budget 2018, read our article “83,3 billion UAH on the army. As the defense Ministry will spend its budget for 2018?”

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