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Invited to the microphone of RTL in the context of the promo of his new show, Jamel Debbouze has delivered on his family and his role of father with his son Leon and his daughter Lila.

Now to the poster of his new show Now or Jamel, the creator of the Marrakech laughter has left to go to some confidences, the micro Yves Calvi on RTL. Identifying himself as ” a son of poor, become the father of a son of rich “, the comedian, 42-year-old makes today the amazing path that he has traveled from his difficult childhood in a sensitive area Traps his success in film, television and theatre. “My father was born in Taza, in a barn, and I was born in Barbès in a kitchen that was not equipped, and my children were born at the american hospital in an iPad, “he says with a sense of humor. It took this life with levity, and we realize that it was an extraordinary stroke of luck.”

Jamel Debbouze is also well flourished in her professional life than in her private life. Married to Mélissa Theuriau since 2008, he is the proud father of Leon and Lila. Aged respectively 9 and 6 years old, the two children have attended for the first time this year at one of the shows of their dad. “I was petrified, reveals there. I don’t know exactly what was going on in their head, but it was a mixture of fascination, pride and discovery. Somehow, I did not belong more to this time, therefore, this is very unsettling, but we talk a lot about. “And to the praise of his wife : “They have a mom great that places the words above and who is a great teacher.

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Jamel Debbouze

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