My voice: the Garden has responded to the audio, which he blames Gandzyuk of corruption

Голос мой: Садовый отреагировал на аудио, где он обвиняет Гандзюк в коррупции

The network has published an audio recording in which the mayor of Lviv and leader of the party “Samopomich” Andriy Sadovy sharply expressed in the address of the Kherson activists Catherine Gandzyuk. Garden acknowledged that the record is real and published the apology on Facebook.

Before this audio appeared on the website of “Informant”.

“That bitch… She was involved in the collapse of the “Samopomochi”… out Of her mold of leader, and she is the person who organizes all the corruption schemes,” says Garden on the record.

“On the record. My voice” – wrote the mayor of the city.

He tried to explain his criticism in the direction of Gandzyuk emotions.

“My reaction was emotional and inadequate after public meetings with local entrepreneurs in Kherson, from whom I received the information in question on the record. The entry of August 27, 2018. Sorry that was so spoken and apologise to those whom it now concerns,” wrote Garden.

He added that the deceased activist personally was not familiar, as well as evidence that would confirm the facts of corruption in his actions, he never received.

“I congratulate Mr. Lutsenko with “successful operation”. You could temporarily divert attention from the customers of murder”, – concluded the Garden.

We will remind, on November 4 it became known that on 34-m to year of life has died the adviser of the mayor of Kherson and public activist Ekaterina Gandzyuk, which was doused with sulphuric acid in July of this year.

Previously it was reported that the cause of her death was breakage of the clot. However, recently was officially named another cause of death was multiple organ failure, chemical burns with the defeat of 30-39% of body, attack with the use of chemicals to kill or damage. According to the public Prosecutor, the consequence has put forward versions of 12 of relatively customers of murder.

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