Myth: a quest for identity

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This is a distribution entirely of women, which will take place on the boards of the Free Space for only a few days to explore the different reports to the mythology, various beliefs and rites, sacred.

Through this creation, we would like to raise various questions of identity surrounding the death, in the manner of a universal quest for meaning.

“The author Mykalle Bielinski has done research on the mythologies that human beings have invented since the dawn of time to accept to live with our immortality,” explains from the outset, Laurence Dauphinais, which is one of the actresses of the distribution.

It evokes the spirituality and not any religion, and each actress, which are all in their thirties, interpret its own personality.

“The piece evokes death,” says the actress, who adds that his father died during the residence of this creation. “It has been beneficial for me, because this show makes us explore the areas in connection with the bereavement, our beliefs, and the afterlife “, she says. “It is a very private experience that has allowed me to live an emotional state in which I found myself. “

Songs and poems

In addition to the dramaturgy, the piece will be composed of songs and poems in order to live a sensory experience around the human condition. It is Mykalle Bielinski, who has composed several of these songs to build his piece. Through these songs, it evokes poetic texts on the beliefs of the Egypt of old, on the Greek mythology, or references that are associated with rituals in the past. It questions the spirituality in all its forms, without however providing any concrete answer.

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“This room, it is a bit of a great mass sacred that does not belong to any religion with a playful side,” stresses Laurence Dauphinais.


Author and director: Mykalle Bielinski

Dramaturgy: Sophie Devirieux

Distribution: Mykalle Belinski, Florence Blain Mbaye, Elizabeth Lima, Émilie Monnet and Laurence Dauphinais

From 12 February to 16 February

The Theatre Space Free