Nadal gave for building another green zone in Ternopil

thumb_56899_news_m-300x206Scandalous building in Ternopil, unfortunately, common. New plants under windows, in parks or green areas to seem “good” tradition of the current City Hall. And, of course, that the process of land development is due to the investment project again and again “Ternopilbudinvestzamovnykom.”
Ten hundredths of urban land, along with the hostel in the textile, 2 soon turn into a construction site.
Plot – green zone, where it grows a dozen trees. However, new home there, the city decided to deputies, will benefit more.
Home – up to 27 meters
In April (as amended in June – approx. Ed.) 2013 municipal deputies approved the project land for allotment of land area of ​​0.1050 hectares for the construction of an apartment building with built-in or adjacent premises for public use at the street. Textile CP “Ternopilbudinvestzamovnyk.” By the same decision considered a land plot of land to residential and public buildings. Thus, the green zone is no longer a “flower bed” and became the site for construction.
In July of that year, plot, along with several others made the list of attractive investment projects. Riishennya Supplement is available on the website of the City Council, but there is indicated only a street name. And Textile – considerable, and there are many areas. So the locals do not even realize that build a few meters from their home in the textile, 2.
– Look! Where is the building? Grass and trees – complains resident of the hostel on the street. Textile, 2 Galina Tsinkevych. – Near the house, another house mold. People with only privatized their dorm room, like the City Council to request that portion attributed to the local area. We wanted to elevate it may have a small area for children to do, and it has given to the structure. We have repeatedly appealed collectively to the City Council, asked him not to do … But who hear ordinary people?
In another section of the website of the City Council placed the advertisement investor. However, even in the ad with a street section is not indicated. Just wrote “… Dwelling house with built-in or adjacent premises for public use.” However, the indicated phone number you speak … more investor is found. At the meeting of the selection committee investor LLC “Eksklyuzyvbud plus” unanimously declared the winner for the construction and 10.09.2013 p. Winner approved for the executive committee. The mentioned Ltd. was formed a few days before the site got in the list of investment projects. The authorized capital of the company, which won the competition and received the City Council to fund the construction of high-rise – up 30 thousand ….
Build, according to the residents of textile, house on five floors. May well planned and 24 November. But then “due to changes in the intentions of building” urban conditions and restrictions provided 4/11/2014 year, the City Hall was canceled and given new. According to their new building can reach 27 meters (nine floors – approx. Ed.), Take 470 squares contain facilities for public use up to 600 meters and 25 apartments. It’s about a big house that will appear at the hostel in the green zone.
– The hostel forty rooms, each – several people – says ternopolyanka. – We are all ready to defend one piece. We are ready, if need be, and to picket and stand here to equipment not working. Surely in Ternoproli no one to stop it building self-will? So throughout the city is.
Needed someone investment project
When start construction work – is unknown. How do I find a upravlinniDerzhavnoyi architectural and construction inspection for registration there have not brought.
In addition to the destruction of green spaces and buildings under windows, this medal has another side – the city of the transaction, as happens with the investment, get a miser or nothing at all. CE “Ternopilbudinvestzamovnyk” land received free of charge. Although the sale at auction could bring the city treasury hundreds of thousand. What are the terms of the agreement – also known. We asked the Mayor’s Office a copy of the investment agreement, but it did not. Only about the understanding of the “benefits” of investment projects recall the other – the construction of shopping object on six floors at “Ornavy.” Then we learned of the agreement, including on how much gets the utility (which deputies gave land) and investor who built it. So, the CPU should receive 6% of the area. Given that the market value of 12 hundredths, which built – 350 thousand dollars. Since the land is not sold, the city budget left “holding the bag”.
We appeal to local MPs and Sergey Gave: You chose the city for community advocacy and Ternopil Ternopil, not for search deribana and personal benefits. We urge the authorities to conduct a public hearing on the feasibility of building a textile and conditions for public discussion of the project. Not indifferent citizens and civil society activists call back street residents textile.

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