Nadeau-Dubois wants a union with National Option

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, a candidate for the Québec Solidarity inauguration in Gouin, advocates a union with Option National, but finds such a rapprochement more difficult with PQ.
The official announcement of Mr. Nadeau-Dubois’s jump in active politics Thursday morning in Montreal was accompanied by his proposals to become the party’s male spokesman.
Those who want to defend the “ordinary world, the bad and the forgotten” wish to build a bridge with Option national, the party founded by former PQ member Jean-Martin Aussant.
“I think we need to consider a union with ON,” said Mr. Nadeau-Dubois. It is the only party that truly shares our plan for society. There will be adjustments to make, it’s normal. If I am selected, I undertake to actively work towards this rapprochement with ON. ”
The former student leader is open to discussions on sovereignist convergence with the Parti Québécois, he notes that it is a party that has “changed his shoulders” over the years on hydrocarbons, Balanced budgets and identity issues.
“We must get the political class out of the power that has ruled us for 30 years,” Nadeau-Dubois said. She betrayed us. She has always chosen her friends instead of the well-being of the people. “In turn, PQ and Liberals have maintained divisions on religion, origins and regions in order to use them for electoral purposes, he.
The candidate wishes to quickly expand the Québec solidaire base. He talks about “transition” and “renewal.” He suggested modernizing the party’s democratic life to attract the youngest and recruiting “the strongest team of candidates in QS history” for the next election. A lot of people from outside Montreal and cultural communities, he promises.
“It is really time to put an end to the political blockade in Quebec,” said Mr. Nadeau-Dubois. I join QS because it is the only party where I am at home. ”

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