Nadia Meyher showed how knows how to smile

Надя Мейхер показала, как умеет улыбаться

The ex-soloist “VIA Gry” pleased with a fresh selfie.

Hope Meyher posted in Instagram new photo, which she sealed with virtually no makeup on my face. But it was her smile that attracted a lot of attention.

Under his selfie, Hope wrote: “Even if you nemnogoe… thirty( how to play))))).. you stop for anything or anyone’s hope. No fascination and therefore no disappointments. )) No expectations… just Living and doing what you think is right, listening to their feelings, intuition… Catch the moment “attacks” of happiness, and placed in a deep drawer of the subconscious. Oh, and most importantly) no longer justify someone’s expectations. This is not your problem. We are a small planet, and absolutely worthy to revolve around the Sun!!!!!”.

By the way, the last time Nadia Meyher often photographed in the car and puts a new selfie to Instagram, where they are happy likes her fans.

Надя Мейхер показала, как умеет улыбаться

Style, spelling and punctuation Nadia Meyher saved.