Named the best selling smartphone

Назван самый продаваемый смартфон

A machine holds the leading position?

Experts of the company Counterpoint Research has identified the world’s best selling smartphone. Currently Galaxy S9 Plus on sale in spring of this year, occupies a leading position.

This writes MacDigger, reports

In April of this year iPhone X remained the best selling smartphones, leading to six months in a row.

Along with iPhone X shows the results iPhone 8 Plus, which holds 2.3 percent of the market. Followed by the iPhone 8 with rates of 2.2 percent.

However, the indicators of the South Korean flagship is slightly higher – Plus the Galaxy S9 and S9 have 2.6 percent of the global market.

“Nevertheless, Apple continues to dominate the list of best-selling devices, taking as many as five places,” the authors of the rating.