Named the cause of death of the vocalist of the Cranberries ‘ Dolores O’riordan

Названа причина смерти вокалистки группы The Cranberries Долорес О'Риордан

Became known cause of death of the vocalist of the famous Irish band The Cranberries, Dolores O’riordan.

According to BBC News, citing a forensic report, the woman drowned in the bath in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication.

In the room O’riordan was found bottles of alcohol. Her body was not discovered injuries or signs of self-harm.

In conclusion, the death of O’riordan called an accident.

Recall that Dolores O’riordan was found dead on the morning of 15 January this year in the London room of the hotel. The singer arrived in London to participate in the recording of a cover of the hit, The Cranberries – Zombie with the American metal band Bad Wolves.

Later in the Westminster court in London said that is not going to disclose the cause of death of O’riordan. The demise of the performer the police have called “unexplained” but “not suspicious” – signs of violent death were found.

As reported earlier, the band The Cranberries decided to finish the new album, despite the death of Dolores O’riordan.

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