Named the most water resistant smartphones

Названы самые водостойкие смартфоны

The smartphone companies as Samsung and Sony have stood the test of water is better than the Apple devices, according to Roskoshestvo, which is held in conjunction with the ICRT (international Assembly of consumer organisations test) another test smartphones.

Every six months the project for the testing of smartphones takes place in the largest laboratory in Europe, complementing the existing rating. At the moment the ranking presents data on 337 models of smartphones, of which 27 were new, tested in February 2018.

“Smartphones have been tested in 20 areas, including durability, sound quality and video, performance, processing speed, functionality, durability rear camera, water resistant and battery, all were investigated over 200 parameters of quality and safety of devices”, — stated in the message.

The rating revealed the strengths and weaknesses of eternally opposed to each other, Samsung and Apple. Model Samsung can be called leaders by such indicators as quality of sound, battery capacity, memory capacity, and water resistance. The opposite situation is observed with the indicators of the quality of the shot: here, almost all leading positions of the ranking are Apple, and the best in this parameter – the iPhone X.