Named top 50 superheroes in the history of cinema

Названы топ-50 супергероев в истории кино

The rating of top 50 superheroes movies of all time, which combines the characters from Marvel, DC and other universes. The list was published by Rolling Stone.

“The rating includes 50 of the greatest heroes in capes and crime-fighting easy guys, members of the justice League, the Avengers and are not included in the number of people in tights, superheroes from the Marvel universe and beyond – all stars of decorating a wide screen,” said the compilers of the list.

In the case of superheroes in different films was performed by several actors, the drafters of the rating selected one artist, who, in their opinion, played the best. So, for example, of the many actors who played Batman, in the list appears only Michael Keaton.

Top 50 superheroes of all time:

50 the Toxic avenger

49 speed racer

48 the Vulture

47 ninja Turtle Raphael

46 Gamora (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

45 Flash Gordon

44 Mercury (“X-Men”)

43 Bamax (“City of heroes”)

42 the Winter soldier

41 Dr. Manhattan (“Watchmen”)

40 Hit Girl (“Kick”)

39 Robocop (played by Peter Weller)

38 Storm (“X-Men”)

37 Phantom

36 Doctor Strange

35 ant-Man

34 Drax The Destroyer (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

33 Mystic (“X-Men”)

32 Dominoes (“Deadpool 2”)

31 Rorschach (“Watchmen”)

30 Hancock

29 rocket raccoon (Guardians of the Galaxy)

28 Barbarella

27 the Hulk (played by Mark Ruffalo)

26 Okoye (“the Black Panther”)

25 Raven

24 Judge Dredd (played by Karl urban)

23 Neo (“Matrix”)

22 blade

21 tor

20 Professor X (played by Patrick Stewart)

19 Violet Parr (“The Incredibles”)

18 Groot (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

17 Valkyrie (Thor)

16 Black widow (“the Avengers”)

15 Scott Pilgrim

14 Deadpool

13 Hellboy

12 Rocketeer

11 Captain America

10 spider-Man (played by Tom Holland)

9 Iron man

8 Helen Parr (Elastigirl from “the Incredibles”)

7 People of darkness

6 Black Panther

5 Wonder woman

4 David Dan (the main character of the movie “unbreakable”)

3 Batman (played by Michael Keaton)

2 Superman (played by Christopher Reeve)

1 Wolverine

As previously reported, this year for the first time on screens there will be a superhero-transgender. We will name her Nia Cash. It will be part of a team cousin of Superman in the fourth season of “Supergirl”.

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