NASA can make 10 quadrillion dollars on a mission to the dearest asteroid

NASA plans in 2022 to send an expedition for the extraction of gold for the most expensive asteroid in the Solar system, the psyche. The cost of the asteroid is estimated to be 10 quadrillion dollars.


The asteroid is called “16 Psyche”, it has approximately 252 km in width. This is 17 times the size of the asteroid, the fall of which led to the disappearance of the dinosaurs. The asteroid is composed mostly of Nickel and iron and the price of only one iron at the earth price is 10 quadrillion dollars, which exceeds the value of the world economy in 135 times. If the surface will find other metals, its price will increase.

Data about the asteroid, obtained after the expedition will give scientists more information about the cosmic bodies in the Universe and will help to protect the planet from catastrophic collisions with asteroids.

Psyche is the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The asteroid was discovered in 1852 and named in honor of psyche, the personality of the soul in Greek mythology.