NASA for minerals will drill the moon

Representatives of American space Agency NASA is planning to begin in a few years to start a fairly aggressive exploration of the moon. In particular, the planned drilling on the satellite.


This will take place during the program NextSTEP-2. NASA claim that already started gathering all the necessary information about what technologies will be useful in the issues related to the development of the moon and Mars.

The specialists of special interest are the technical solutions and the methods by which you can make extraterrestrial mining of minerals, and also closer to the Ground water and other minerals, which are extracted directly from the soil of the moon, thereby raising the fact of autonomy for future space missions.

Every year, NASA plans to choose one to three of the most viable, according to the company projects. After she set to their financing at the initial stage. Thus, the separate issue is in fact the commercial development of asteroids. Mostly discussions are happening around psyche asteroid, almost 100 percent consisting of valuable materials.