NASA has postponed for a day run to the Sun research probe

NASA отложило на сутки запуск к Солнцу исследовательского зонда

NASA postponed until Sunday the launch of the first spacecraft, which must fly at a record close distance from the Sun and to study the processes occurring at the border of the crown and the atmosphere.

“The launch of the carrier rocket Delta IV Heavy spacecraft Solar Probe Parker today was postponed due to the violation of the limit of the run, which led to the delay. In the opening window, no time left to run,” – noted on the website of the Agency.

It is noted that the launch of the Parker Solar Probe was postponed for a day and will take place weather permitting tomorrow, August 12 at 10:53 Kyiv time, also from Cape Canaveral in Florida, us.

Earlier it was reported that the launch will be held today.

The plan of scientists, Parker for seven years 24 times circled around the Sun and will eventually approach him at a distance of 6.2 million kilometers (4% of the distance from the sun to the Earth), the first of created devices going into the solar atmosphere.

Its goal is the study of the solar wind and the atmosphere of the Sun.

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