NASA has published a video of a docking space ship Cygnus and ISS

NASA has posted a video of the docking of the space ship Cygnus to the International space station. The spacecraft arrived at the ISS on 14 November.


It is reported that the launch vehicle was performed on November 12, Sunday. Into orbit and it was taken of the Antares rocket. Took camera the astronauts from NASA and ESA Randy Breznik, and Paolo Nespoli. Truck dobravel to ISS more than three thousand pounds of cargo needed to conduct a scientific experiment. It will remain docked to the station until January. The place of the docking module Unity. It is reported that the ship will take the waste materials that will burn when entering the atmosphere.

However, the vehicle delivered the cosmonauts and astronauts not only materials for research. According to astronaut Joseph Aqaba, in addition to the equipment at the station got pizza and sweets. Among them are several types of ice cream and fruits, however, also in frozen form and in the form of bars.

The video, published by the American space Agency lasts almost eight minutes. It details shows how the machine flies and pristykovyvayas to the station.