NASA launches into space a new “hunters” for exoplanets

16 APR NASA launches next space telescope-the Observatory, TESS. His target is the search for new exoplanets and study their atmospheres.

Astronomers hope that TESS will help them to find rocky exoplanets type. The likelihood that they may be water, is very high. Consequently, there may exist life forms close to the earth. NASA experts will use TESS to conduct the study, about 200 thousand of the brightest stars that are in relative vicinity of the Sun.

The telescope is capable of tracking astronomical transits. So call the movement of the planets over the disk of its star. This method will allow you to determine their size and density, and atmospheric composition. Special mirror installed on TESS, has a diameter of 6.5 meters. It is much more than what was on the famous “Habble”.

The new telescope will replace its predecessor “Keller”. His stock of fuel is almost exhausted and his work will soon come to an end.

Cost TESS 337 million dollars. With it, NASA scientists hope to open up to 20,000 new exoplanets. It is expected that about 50 of them will have the sizes of the Earth, and another 500 – twice.