NASA offers to walk on the moon in 4K virtual tour

НАСА предлагает прогуляться по Луне в виртуальном 4К-туре 

Humanity is preparing to return to the exploration of the natural satellite of our planet, and how half a century ago, begins a new round of the popularization of this trend. NASA has produced a beautiful and succinct overview of recent studies of the lunar surface, and the wonders that are there. 4K video available to everyone.

The basis of the tour are the results of observations of station Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which is studying the moon since 2009. Thanks to them we managed to prove that the lunar surface is not dead and desolate, it is a dynamic, complex world that is fraught with many potential discoveries. The viewer will travel with a length of 2500 km from the South pole and Identcode basin to the valley of Taurus-Littrow, designated historic landing mission “Apollo 17”.

One of the side objectives of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter project was finding suitable sites for the construction of the first permanent bases on the moon. Candidate No. 1 — the Shackleton crater, where instruments recorded the presence of ice, i.e. frozen water. This is an invaluable resource at such a distant from Earth distance, which is useful in all processes, from growing cucumbers hydroponically to production of rocket fuel.

The main idea of a virtual tour of the moon — we, the people, are back! And not abstractly, but on a broad front, because before you build something major on a space object to send an army of robots-researchers. And it is possible that the students of today that are at a crossroads when choosing a career, tomorrow will be the machine operators who prepare a place for their children’s lives on the moon.