Nasa ready to say goodbye to the mars rover Opportunity

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The us space agency has announced that the final attempt to re-establish contact with the vehicle and Opportunity on Mars would be held on Tuesday evening, eight months after his last message.

Nasa has announced that the latest attempts were to take place later on Tuesday night, and scheduled a briefing for Wednesday with the head of the agency and all responsible for the mission Opportunity, which should in any event be officially declared complete.

Opportunity landed on Mars in 2004 and has travelled 45 km on the planet, ensuring his place in history as a legendary, so she was scheduled for 90 days.

A huge storm of dust of several months has been because of the rover, including the last communication dated June 10, 2018. The dust obscured the atmosphere, preventing the solar panels from the rover to recharge its batteries.

Since then, engineers at Nasa tried by radio to get a response of Opportunity.

Nasa had provoked an outcry in August last year by giving 45 days before declaring that “Oppy” death. In October, she had changed her mind and was given until January to reassess the situation.

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