NASA said that they would send an expedition to Mars by 2030

NASA is in full swing preparing for the colonization of the red planet.


The idea is to colonize Mars, humanity has for a long time. A lot has been done in this way. Working in this direction, not only NASA, but private companies such as SpaceX, headed by Elon Musk.

For successful colonization, NASA has studied the radiation level with the help of Curiosity Rover. This will help to protect future astronauts. Also in 2020, scientists plan to send another unit for a more detailed study of the Martian resources, including the possibility of obtaining oxygen.

The problem of the lack of oxygen is one of the most important on the path to a successful project. As an alternative solution to consider the use of bio-domes with microorganisms inside that will remove from the soil the nitrogen and remove the oxygen. Thus, on the tiny microbes will bear the great responsibility.

At issue is also the availability of building materials on Mars. Scientists from Bradley University organized a special prize of $ 2 million, to which can whoever figure out how to convert Martian soil into a durable building material. As variant is also considered printing the necessary parts of dwellings on a 3D printer.

Do not forget the scientists and the need of settlers to the colony in food. They are conducting experiments with potatoes in search of the most hardy varieties for complex Martian soil.