NASA turned the program of the moon exploration

NASA свернуло программу по исследованию Луны

NASA turned the program of the moon exploration
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Photo: using NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

In the near future similar projects, the Agency has no plans to run.

NASA astronauts decided to abandon the project to study the moon’s surface. The Resource Prospector lunar Rover had to search for hydrogen, oxygen and water, but the space Agency decided to eliminate the program. This was reported by The Verge.

According to an employee of the University of Central Florida’s Phil Metzger, project Rover does not coincide with the priorities of the Department of scientific research.

We note that just in December, the President of the United States Donald trump signed a Directive, which renews the program for lunar exploration. Then he said that the flight to the moon will be the basis for a future mission to Mars.

The first and last manned flight to the moon occurred in 1969. Then the crew commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Edwin Aldrin landed the lunar module of the ship in the southwest area of the sea of Tranquility. Astronauts performed one exit on the lunar surface, which lasted 2 hours 31 minutes 40 seconds. The first person to set foot on the moon was Neil Armstrong.

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