National Guard tired of lies and horror stories disseminated by some media

nazIn the National Guard spread angered some media untested and frankly false data. The department notes that if such bude continues, will be taken all measures to bring the perpetrators to justice.
Indignation aroused widespread Natsgvardii leadership in a number of media reports that the Blue Lakes under Shurovo Donetsk region, allegedly buried Ukrainian soldiers who died fighting the terrorists.
“Every soldier serving with Natsgvardii, and especially those who participated in the NSS has a contract on the service passes the appropriate special checking in various organs, has friends, family and loved ones,” – said the press service Nagvardii.
They pointed out that the dissemination of such information is specifically funded by the dirty propaganda directed against the Ukrainian military.
Note the information on mass graves, many Russian Ukrainian military and some Ukrainian media were given with reference to one of the leaders of the self-proclaimed “People’s Republic of Donetsk” Denis Pushilin. The latter, in particular, said that the Ukrainian authorities conceal the present toll of war , and bury their dead in the lakes in the Donetsk region.
At the same time the villagers Shurovo confirm the information that the bottom of the Blue Lakes littered with corpses, but, according to them, their dead terrorists is dumped here.
Outraged “work” by some media and the State Border Service. There denied the information that 15 Ukrainian guards allegedly sought refuge in Russia because of repression by the “right sector.”
“Without exception, all guards, who on June 21 during an armed clash with terrorists at the checkpoint “Izvarino” in the Luhansk region were forced to retreat to fight on Russian territory checkpoint “Donetsk”, returned to Ukraine through another checkpoint and re-started protection of the state border, “- said the agency.

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