NATO published a video intercept Russian bombers over the Baltic

In intercept Russian Su-34 participated Dutch F-16.
Netherlands Ministry of Defence issued a video shot their F-16s that took part in the NATO mission to intercept Russian fighter-bombers Su-34 of the Baltic Sea.

“Russian aircraft have ignored the requirement to identify themselves, and were escorted to the Kaliningrad эksklavu” – said the Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands, reports Atlantic Council.

Recall that on the eve of NATO aircraft intercepted the Baltic Sea six Russian bombers capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

As you know, before NATO reported that in 2014 the alliance fighters have intercepted 100 aircraft , which is three times more than in 2013.

November 3 commander of NATO forces in Europe, General Philip M. Breedlove said that Russian military aircraft flights in European airspace became provocative.

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