NATO warned Turkey about the consequences of buying the s-400

В НАТО предупредили Турцию о последствиях покупки С-400

The acquisition of the Turkish side, the Russian anti-aircraft missile system s-400 “Triumph” raises serious concerns in NATO, writes the edition Breaking Defence with reference to the head of the Military Committee of the Alliance of Peter Paul.

According to the representative of the military-political bloc, s-400 is incompatible with the technology of NATO, so a Russian air defense system will be applied as a separate unit, not integrated into the overall air defense of the Alliance.

But the main problem, as Paul noted, is timely information, which will include information about the military infrastructure of the NATO in Turkey. This information, Paul’s point, later will be saved to the Russian systems.

The head of the Military Committee of the organization also expressed concern at the fact that the operation of the C-400 requires a certain level of training, in connection with which Russian experts will be sent to Turkey for training local military. These experts from Russia, fears Paul will have access to critical intelligence that can later be transferred to the Russian authorities.