Natspolitsiya verifies the authenticity of the correspondence of the employee Varchenko and Kiev student, prosecutors registers her statement

Нацполиция проверяет подлинность переписки своего сотрудника Варченко и киевской студентки, прокуратура регистрирует ее заявление

The national police verifies the identity and circumstances of the correspondence of his employee Alexander Varchenko with the Kiev student Natalia, Buraco. This was announced by the speaker of the national police Yaroslav was Trakalo, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

“Varchenko filed a report to the head of national police to conduct the test, and she now held,” he said Trakalo.

According to him, the report Varchenko said that the correspondence was fake, and asked it to investigate. By results of check the decision will be made.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that the civil husband of the Deputy head of the state Bureau of investigation Olga Varchenko Alexander, who holds the position of Deputy chief of Department of protection of economy of the National police, allegedly sexually harassed and threatened the student. He Varchenko said about the media attack on him and his family. As a student of Buraco on his page on Facebook wrote that he submitted to the Prosecutor a statement about the crime from the Varchenko.

As reports “Ukrainian truth”, the Moscow Prosecutor’s office on Thursday received an appeal on behalf of the citizen Natalia Buraco about threats and harassment from a person who uses social networks in the name of Alexander Varchenko.

“Appeal on behalf of this girl left this morning in a box of citizens. Now this statement is on the registration”, – said the press-Secretary of the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s office Hope the maximes.

She explained that the Prosecutor’s office may not investigate, but will check whether the appeal of Buraco information about a criminal offence.

“Then, accordingly, will address the issue of introducing these facts in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations and identified competence”, – said the maximes.

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