Nature reserve fund Ternopil add three objects

stav-300x218Three new objects plan to complement nature reserve fund Ternopil. Consequently, its total area will add more than 100 hectares.

This was announced by Director of Environment and Natural Resources RSA Orestes Sinhalevych at the meeting that November 17 held the first deputy head of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration Ivan Krysak.

“At the session of district councils agreed decision to approve three sites to the list of objects of nature reserve fund. Now they have to go through approval of the central executive authorities – said Orest Sinhalevych. – This is the area in Berezhany and Kremenetskiy areas – namely Berezhansky reserve of national importance “gutters” Kremenetskiy botanical reserve “Kurynyha” Kremenetskaya botanical natural monument “Spring”. In these areas there are many plants Red “.

Actively carry out activities in the field of environmental nature. According to Orest Sinhalevycha, funds from the Regional Environmental Fund received 30 recipients. Among the most important activities conducted by them – allotment of land for planting new forests, clearing river beds, construction of sewage treatment plants, installation boundaries of territories of nature reserve fund.

“We also gave financial requests the State Fund for Environmental Protection of the request to fund. Due to this plan to finance measures 18 protected sites – added Orestes Sinhalevych. – Moreover, presently working with two consulting companies and five investors to raise funds for the development of ecological structure area. In particular, this concerns the construction of waste treatment plants and enterprises. ”

Expansion of nature reserves and conduct effective environmental activities helps maintain ecological structure of the region, said John Krysak.

“We are working on preserving the flora and fauna of the area. To do this, scientists conducting field research areas and select those that should be included in the list of sites of nature conservation, – he added. -.My Effectively use funds regional fund for planting new forests. A work with investors is the main task of the heads of all departments and offices. In general, the ecological structure of the region needs to be improved. Therefore, raising funds in this sector is an important precondition for a positive image and Technical offer attractiveness of our region. ”


Natural Areas Ternopil region as of October 10, 2014 is composed of 605 units of areas and facilities. The actual area – 122634.0268 hectares. The existing network of protected areas, environmental protection contributes to the stabilization of the species composition of fauna and flora and the conservation of natural systems area.

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