Navalny was arrested again for 30 days

Навального снова арестовали на 30 суток

Navalny was arrested again for 30 days [photos, video]
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Alexey Navalny. Photo: Reuters

Opposition leader accused of organizing uncoordinated action.

The Tverskoy district court of Moscow arrested Alexei Navalny. Russian opposition repeatedly violated the procedure of organization of public events. We are talking about the “He’s not our king”, which Navalny organized on 5 may. On 15 may, announced the Agency RBC.

– I the citizen of Russia have the right to take action to exercise your constitutional rights. It was a completely peaceful event. I was illegally detained, said during a meeting of Navalny himself.

There’s one more thing

However, the Tver district court of Moscow began consideration of another case against Navalny. He is accused of disobeying the lawful demands of a police officer. Protection of the oppositionist demanded to provide video of the incident, but the judge this request was not satisfied.

Navalny was detained in the crowd on Pushkin square. Before that, the police on the loudspeaker announced the illegality of the action. According to militiamen, opposition ignored the warning.

That the action of

Rallies were held across Russia, however, the mass detentions were only in large cities. Share “He’s not our king!” aimed directly against the presidency of Vladimir Putin.

In addition to Navalny in Moscow were detained about 300 people. In St. Petersburg detained about 200 people. According to human rights organizations, the total number of detainees reaches one thousand people.

Навального снова арестовали на 30 суток

Photo: SIGN/Anastasia Melnikova

Навального снова арестовали на 30 суток

Photo: SIGN/Anastasia Melnikova


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