NDP: the candidate supported by Dusseault abandons the race

Peter Julian throws in the towel. He abandoned the leadership race of the New Democratic Party (NDP) three months before the start of the vote.

Peter Julian leaves the NDP leadership race

The difficulty in obtaining sufficient funding will eventually have ended in his campaign.

“I accept the verdict of our membership,” he told a press conference on Thursday.

The results for the second quarter did not live up to expectations. Peter Julian has raised $ 80,000 since the end of 2016, including about $ 30,000 in the last three months.

“$ 80,000 is very good for a riding and I have had a lot of support, of course, from New Westminster fellow citizens, but for a national campaign it takes more,” said New Westminster-Burnaby MPP for Colombia -British, adding he was not ready to go into debt to stay in the race. His team hoped to amass the triple, according to a source familiar with his campaign.

The arrival of popular Ontario MP Jagmeet Singh in the leadership race in May changed the game. Its funding would outperform all other candidates. A dinner at $ 150 a ticket held in Mississauga last week would have sold out.

The general election in British Columbia and the ensuing instability also made Peter Julian’s task difficult.

Under the NDP by-laws, federal candidates can not solicit donations in the electoral provinces. British Columbia is the province with the largest membership in the NDP.

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