Near Kharkov rabid cat attacked three children

Под Харьковом бешеный кот напал на трех детей

Peresechnoe in the village Dergachi district of Kharkiv region a rabid cat attacked and bit three children. This is stated in the message of the Kharkiv regional laboratory center.

It is noted that on 7 August when you try to pet a stray cat injured a baby. When carrying out household walkovers identified two more children who are in similar circumstances suffered from the same cat on the same day.

12 Aug “State research Institute of laboratory diagnostics and veterinary-sanitary examination” was diagnosed with rabies from a stray cat.

The victims were hospitalized, they prescribed a course of preventive inoculations against rabies in the regional children’s clinical hospital № 1. Conducting anti-epidemic and antiepizootic measures on the site of the incident is ongoing.

As of August 13, in the Kharkiv region was 67 cases of rabies of animals: 35 cats, 20 dogs, 7 foxes, 1 marten, and 4 cows.

In General, animals suffering from rabies, this year, suffered 128 inhabitants in Kharkiv region.

We will remind, the acting Minister of health Suprun told the Ukrainians how to protect yourself from rabies if they are bitten by a dog.

So, according to Uliana Suprun, so as not to become infected with rabies after a dog bite should be:

1. immediately and thoroughly rinse affected area with plenty of soap and water;

2. disinfect the wound with antiseptic alcohol-based or iodine;

3. go to the nearest medical facility;

4. if there is no confidence that the animal was healthy, you definitely need to be vaccinated with the vaccine that are present in all regions of Ukraine;

5. if possible, contact a veterinary service to animals in respect of which you have a suspicion on disease, and conduct research that animal.

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