Near Mariupol seen Russian tanks

Russian tanks
Russian tanks

Near Mariupol Russian military is preparing another springboard to advance deep into the Ukraine. Nearby cities reached 60 Russian tanks, according
Currently, the Russian military group sent a Novoazovska in Mariupol. They fired mortars Ukrainian security forces checkpoint in the village Nameless. According to intelligence reports, the Russians entrenched in the village and is located 20 km from Mariupol.
“We have to constantly change positions because korehuvalnyky suggest us the fire of the enemy. We just arrested korehuvalnyka who quoted us setting” Grad “- says one of the Ukrainian soldiers.
“With Russia gone 50 tanks, and we have 7 RPG. Everything, nothing else we against tanks there. Still there” Flies “and AKM 62-year issue,” – says another soldier.
According to the Ukrainian fighters, no “militia” do not fight against them.
“There is a Russian invasion, this clearly. Yesterday we have seen this when Novoazovsk included Russian tanks with Russian flags and soldiers” – say military.
Earlier it was reported that the city Novoazovsk (Donetsk region) near Mariupol captured Russian soldiers.
Also reported that in Mariupol started preparations for defense against Russian aggression.

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