Near Odessa continue the meeting because of travel trucks: Residents blocked the road near Nerubayskoye

Под Одессой продолжают митинг из-за проезда фур: Жители перекрыли дорогу возле Нерубайского

Near Odessa near the village of nerubayskoye the locals blocked the road for the passage of trucks, which is the jam. This was reported by the correspondent of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I am now on the ring road in the area of Nerubayske, about 1.5 km from Usatovo. The residents decided to block the road to create a larger effect. Now here is the conflict. The overlap lasts for more than 20 minutes, gathered dozens of trucks, has formed and the jam. There was a conflict with one of the drivers who tried to drive through transition crossing, the car smashed glass. According to one source, he ran into someone from law enforcement, on the other – just for the protesters. There was an attempt of detention,” he said.

The rally and road closures is due to the fact that in the village of Usatove drive truck with an overload, the result is suffering the road surface. Local residents complain that their homes are destroyed and covered with cracks. Drivers do not have enough space to turn trucks.

According to the correspondent, the situation in the village of nerubayskoye controlled, mass fights were observed.

Note that the rally began on 4 August in the village of Usatove. Local residents expressed outrage over the passage of heavy vehicles which moves through the town. As passed by the local media, one of the protesters blocked the road side of the Bypass road, the other part – passage from Odessa, over the railway crossing.

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