Near Odessa the child fell into the catacombs

Под Одессой ребенок провалился в катакомбы

The pit formed in the middle of a rural street in April

In the village the Cold Beam of the Belyaevsky region of Odessa region nine year old boy named max fell into the catacombs, riding a bike on the street.

It is reported in the Duma, with reference to the mother of the victim Hope Coverge on Tuesday, June 12. According to her, the child received a concussion and numerous bruises.

Pit, which has failed the child, formed in the middle of a rural street in April. The depth of failure is up to six meters.

“He is now at home, but constantly taking medication, except for a concussion and bruises, had been struck in the back of the head,” – said Hope.

According to the mother, she appealed to the village Council for help for the boy’s treatment, but local authorities are in no hurry to provide it.

“An hour after our visit to the village Council, they have shields break the yellow tape, even though the breach was formed in April of this year, but local authorities did not have Affairs,” lamented the woman and promised to sue officials because of their inaction.

The injured boy. Photo: Duma