Near the court of Appeal in Kiev before the meeting, the case coordinator C14 were about 100 nationalists

Возле Апелляционного суда в Киеве перед началом заседания по делу координатора С14 собралось около 100 националистов

Near the building of Appellate court of Kiev gathered about a hundred representatives of the nationalist organization C14. They looked forward to the consideration of complaints against elected coordinator of the organization Sergey Mazur measure, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

According to the publication, is that the audience nationalists are peaceful. The beginning of the meeting, which they expect to be delayed due to the fact that the judge is busy with another case.

As a reminder, on July 18 the Goloseevsky district court of Kiev sent Mazura under house arrest.

On suspicion in massacre of Roma communities on Bald hill in Kyiv, police said Mazur July 10.

The massacre occurred in April. Members of the organization C14 said to leave the Park Roma asked on Friday, April 20. Some people listened to the nationalists, the other left the camp before the so-called “RAID”.

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