Near the town Snezhnoe gulp “Grad” destroyed more than a hundred Russian soldiers

losses of Russian military
losses of Russian military

More than 100 soldiers of the Russian army were destroyed in the Donetsk region in just one fight. This was stated by members of the Human Rights Council under the President of Ella Polyakova and Sergey Kryvenko, according to news agency Reuters.
“The convoy of Russian soldiers attacked the” city “and more than 100 soldiers were killed. It all happened in Snow in Donetsk region” – said Kryvenko.
Moreover, about 300 troops from Russia were wounded during the same combat collision August 13 near the town of Snow, when the column of trucks full of ammunition were broken volley of missiles from “Castle.”
According to Ella Polyakova, it has the same index number of dead Russian soldiers near Snow in Ukraine.
We talked to 10 relatives of the victims and their fellow soldiers who witnessed the attack (Ukrainian” Grad “- Ed.), Some of the survivors accompanied the body back to Russia and was told that there was no document confirming that the soldiers were in Ukraine, and death certificates were filled to assume that they were killed somewhere else … When I talk to guys who accompanied the coffin of this contract, they tell me that the order was given orally, there were no documents “- said Polyakov.
Recall, near the city of Mariupol took Russian tanks. Also reported that in Mariupol started preparations for defense against Russian aggression.
Earlier it was reported that the city Novoazovsk (Donetsk region) near Mariupol captured Russian soldiers.

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