Need help Ilya Volkov, who has a chance to get to his feet after a spinal fracture

Нужна помощь Илье Волкову, у которого появился шанс встать на ноги после перелома позвоночника

14-year-old Ilya Volkov for a year struggling with the consequences of severe injuries – spinal fracture and spinal cord injury. Guy last summer unsuccessfully dived and now is wheelchair-bound.

Ilya has already had two operations and now he needs a long, complex and costly rehabilitation. To take on such a patient agreed to the Association of disabled people in wheelchairs “Revival” – others suggested to wait until the guy was 18 years old.

Already a month Ilya undergoing treatment. He fit the program lasts at least six months. Every month the family will have to pay for the rehabilitation of a young man of 21 000 UAH, but its financial resources have dried up after a year of struggle for my son’s health.

Therefore, native Ilya Volkov decided to seek help. Support the guy on the road to recovery and recovery can transfer the card to his mother:

5168 3178 7573 7178 – Volkova Irina (067 452 85 29)

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