Need help single mother Natalia Feshin, which requires urgent heart surgery

Нуждается в помощи мать-одиночка Наталья Фешина, которой необходима срочная операция на сердце

In urgent need of assistance single mother of two young sons (2 and 6 years) Natalia Feshin. Due to undertreated pneumonia she developed very serious complications that are life threatening and require immediate medical intervention.

Three weeks after the untimely discharge from hospital she started the collapse of the lung, endocarditis, closed a valve in the heart and have accumulated fluid in the lungs and heart. The local hospital is unable to help Natalia. CT and examination in the Institute. Amosov showed that heart surgery should be done as quickly as possible, but with undertreated pneumonia woman refuse to accept the treatment. Regional hospital, in turn, re-directs her to the Institute. Amosova.

While Natalya tries to start treatment and the active struggle for life, her sons live with the only relative – aunt of his mother. They have no toys, and the older and even winter shoes. Now the family is engaged in volunteer Julia Apostolova.

To help Natalia Pechiney and her children by sending toys, closing the need for one or two pairs malchukova winter shoes size 35-36, and of course and above all, funds. Card number for assistance: 2191 4731 0597 3915, Julia Apostolova. Phones for inquiries: (067) 247 56 11, (063) 611 59 15. The family is also looking for doctors who can help with hospitalization and treatment.

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